A Victorious Return for Panic! At The Disco

Cheers, stomps, and shouts echoed inside the Mall Of Asia Arena during Panic! at The Disco’s “Pray for the Wicked” concert.

“You guys have been our loudest crowd so far!” happily shouts lead singer Brendon Urie as response to the audience’s enthusiastic appreciation of their music.

This is the band’s second time to visit the country. The first one was back in 2016 where they performed along with other international bands.

This time around, the band has the arena all to themselves and the fans were more than excited to see them perform a total of 19 songs live, for two hours.

Brendon Urie singing to his fans on top of a piano.

Aside from Panic!’s latest songs from its recently released album, the band also took the audience back to their early years with throwback hits like  “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” “Nicotine,” “The Ballad of Mona Lisa,” and more.

Although Brendon is now the only one left from the original band, which started out in 2004, he still manages Panic!’s continued presence in the music industry. The original band was made up of childhood friends Brendon, Brent Wilson, Spencer Smith, and Ryan Ross.

Now, Brendon performs with bassist Nicole Row, drummer Dan Pawlovich, and guitarist Mike Naran. He also alternates between playing the piano, the guitar, and taking the stage by storm.

Love for theatrics

Greatly influenced by The Phantom Of The Opera, Brendon exhibited his flair for the dramatics during the concert by dancing all around the stage and even climbing on top of the piano to sing, much to the pleasure of the fans.

Brendon came out as a pansexual early in 2018.

He even used props during his performance for “Boys, Girls, Girls,” the song which is considered as the band’s queer anthem and a staple of Panic!’s live sets. The singer draped a rainbow-colored cloth on his neck while singing the song, proudly sashaying in the middle of the stage while the audience waved pride flags and sang along as loud as they can.

Brendon came out as a pansexual early in the year during an interview with an international magazine. He clarified that it’s people that he’s attracted to, especially if their heart is in the right place.


Brendon landed the lead role in the Broadway show Kinky Boots a year ago where he met Cindy Lauper. To show how happy he was to meet the iconic singer, Brendon and the band performed a cover of her famous song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Brendon with his band members Nicole Row and Mike Naran during their concert in Manila.

He also expressed his love for Freddie Mercury and Queen numerous times. During the concert, they paid tribute by singing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Their version of the song has been used as a soundtrack for the DC movie Suicide Squad released in 2016.

Panic! ended the night with a song from their previous album, Death Of A Bachelor. The audience didn’t held back as they sang along and jumped to the beat of “Victorious” while colorful confetti rained over them.

Images from @panicatthedisco

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