Solenn Heussaff chooses mom over husband
The 33-year-old actress talks about the importance of women in the family

Solenn Heussaff adds another item on her long list of endorsements as she was named as the newest member of Philam Life family, along with her husband Nico Bolzico. The couple is promoting the company’s newest product — the Active Joint Critical Protect. It offers health and life insurance for two at the price of one.

During the presscon, the two were asked who they will share their insurance with and their answers surprised the members of the press.

“It would be my mom. Even if they say it’s the men who work for the family, it’s really the women who hold them together. They set things aside and they put your priorities at the top of their list,” the actress shared.

Solenn Heussaff reveals some details for her next exhibit.

Nico was obviously surprised by his wife’s reply. “I’m completely shocked with that answer. I expected you to say me because I would say Solenn. Because I wouldn’t be here without you, and there’s no reason to live without you,” the 34-year-old agriculturist revealed.

Given their busy schedules, it seems like the couple has no plans of taking a break anytime soon. “I think the day when we have children, that’s the day we will take breaks,” Solenn tells MB Entertainment.

The lovely couple playfully posed for MB Entertainment.

The 33-year-old actress further expounds it by describing herself as a type of person who easily gets bored when she has nothing to do. “I always need to be doing something, ‘yun yung artistic side ko. Whether it may be painting or traveling, I always need to do something, hindi ako pwedeng mag-stay lang. I always want to learn new things.”

The artistic side

After the success of her previous exhibits, the visual artist is now in the process of working on her next art show. According to Solenn, this one will be composed of 24 large works of mixed media paintings and she is planning to mount it at the last quarter of 2019.

Matagal na kasi I want to do 24, different sizes, pero lahat malaki like my last exhibit. Pero ngayon 24 pieces, so right now I’m on my third pa lang. So long way to go pa, tapos I really want to make it big at different experience. Hindi lang painting exhibit, marami pang magaganap dyan.”

When asked how long it takes for her to finish one painting, the actress says that it depends on her mood. Something that is common for every artist. “It really depends… kasi very detailed kapag close up kayo, you’ll see the hair of the monkey. Patong-patong yung mga dahon, this exhibit is taking me longer than my last one.”

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Exhibit 3.0 It took a while for me to move on from my last Kalsada exhibit. It meant so much for me to tell our people's story that i didnt know how to move on from that. Im not sure you read my last post on about taking care of our country and planet. So i continue my journey and fight for people to wake up and start teaching others about what we can do to help. " what about sunrise, what about rain, what about all the things that you said we were to gain" " what about flowering fields, is there a time? What about all the dreams that you said was yours and mine" So here it is, raw and in all simplicity, the theme to my next exhibit : "WHAT OUR CHILDREN MIGHT NOT SEE" I will make sure it will be a 'balahibo standing' experience. And for that , i wont be posting any of my works till day X. See you all next year. 🙂 Love our country, happy Independance day Philippines. Amazing photo taken by @markednicdao . I will always be a fan of your genius soul. Love you! #SolennArt

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Solenn is also open to the idea of collaborating with another artist in the future but also acknowledges the challenge of working with others. “For now, I’m doing mixed media, like the other artists add carpets or do arts on carpets. For now ganun. Mahirap din mag-paint on the same canvas with another artist kasi baka iba yung style,” she ends.

Aside from this, The Kapuso actress will soon star in the series Cain at Abel with Dennis Trillo and Dingdong Dantes. She’s also filming a movie under Regal Films with Lovi Poe, Angeline Quinto, and Sam Milby.

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