Angelina Cruz: Creating an album is one ‘great roller-coaster ride
The daughter of Sunshine Cruz reveals a possible collaboration with brother Diego Loyzaga

Growing up with a family who’s been in the entertainment industry for generations puts a lot of pressure to new recording artist Angelina Cruz. But she doesn’t let the expectations weigh her down, instead, she uses this as an inspiration in creating her music.

“I got really pressured because my sisters look up to me and my mom is also counting on me. But then, I just think that I have people by my side to support me,” she shares with MB Entertainment at the launch of her self-titled EP Album.

Angelina, the eldest child of Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano, describes her experience in creating an album as a “great roller coaster ride,” as she never thought she’ll turn out to be a singer.

Angelina with her mother Sunshine Cruz and sisters Samantha and Chesca. (Image from @sunshinecruz718)

“When I was a kid, I never saw myself to be the one singing in the family cause usually it was my two younger sisters who love to sing. Two years ago, I bought a ukulele and I tried doing covers online and then that’s when I got good feedback,” tells Angelina. It was after her cover song for Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” went viral that music label Universal Records finally took notice and offered to produce her album.

Her mom constantly gives her advice and tips now that she has officially joined the entertainment scene. “My mom tells me to practice because practice makes perfect; to always be humble, to know where I came from, to be myself, and try not to be different.”

Angelina and Sunshine. (Image from @sunshinecruz718)

While she wants to create her own name in the industry, the Grade 11 Senior High student is reluctant to accept other projects because for now, her studies is her top priority. “I might get into acting but obviously it might be difficult because school is my number one priority. So maybe in the future after I graduated,” she explains.

However, Angelina will surely find time to create music with her half-brother Diego Loyzaga. The siblings already performed together in ASAP and both have walked the ramp as ambassadors for a local clothing brand.

“We’re really close, and he’s been a really supportive brother. So that’s what I’m looking forward to do, maybe make a song together.”

With his brother Diego Loyzaga. (Image from @diegoloyzaga)

Angelina’s all-original EP contains six songs including “Paraiso,”which is a duet with Inigo Pascual whom she describes as “nice person to collaborate with.”

Aside from Inigo, Angelina is also hoping to collaborate with her favorite OPM artists Moira dela Torre and the IV of Spades.

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