Nadine Lustre is back with more swag!
The stylish performer is now the official ambassador of an international shoe brand

It has only been four years since Nadine Lustre gained nationwide recognition for her role in Diary ng Panget.

Now at 24, she’s the epitome of a confident young lady who knows what she wants and the direction she’s heading.

“I guess I just found my own style. I found myself and I finally realized and figured out what I want, like what I want to wear, the style that I want. Things that I like. I discovered a lot of things about myself,” shared Nadine during the behind-the-scenes coverage of her upcoming commercial video with Skechers.

The international shoe brand has chosen Nadine as its newest ambassador, adding her to a list of young and talented artists like American singer-songwriter Camila Cabello and K-pop artist ZICO.

As part of their new partnership, Nadine is currently working on a special campaign featuring the brand’s D’Lites collection. The streetwear sneaker was first introduced in the 90s and it’s now being updated with an edgier look.

A glimpse of Nadine’s sleek look during the campaign shoot .(Image from Skechers)

“It’s really very stylish. That’s what I love about it,” tells Nadine.

The timing of her new endorsement could not have been more perfect as she is currently working on other projects and collaborations which fits her modern look to a T.

“I just started writing my own songs,” admits Nadine. “Aside from shooting Ulan and other endorsements, shows and stuff, I also want to focus on music and maybe a little bit on directing.”

Nadine co-directed her boyfriend James Reid’s music video for the song “The Life” and she even won an award for that at this year’s MYX Music Awards.

She further assured her fans that even if they have not been that visible together, they are still working as a couple on other projects.

He’s actually helping me with my songs,” reveals Nadine while talking about James. “Syempre I need someone who’s really super bihasa na to check all the stuff I am doing. It’s not on TV or movies, or anything but we’re still collaborating with each other.”

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