Rousing ‘Liway’ prompts audience into chanting ‘Makibaka! Huwag matakot!

Minsan mas mahalagang makibaka, kahit natatakot,” Liway director Kip Oebanda spoke during the film’s Cinemalaya gala premiere.

Liway, which stars Glaiza de Castro as the titular New People’s Army Commander, is about the incarceration of the director’s mother Cecilia Flores-Oebanda during Martial Law. The film touches on subjects of oppression, the trials of motherhood, and atrocities perpetrated during the Marcos dictatorship.

Sa isang piece of art that’s real, and speaks truth to power, there will always be a lot of fear,” Kip addressed audiences at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. “But as the chants we usually say elucidates, dapat makibaka, huwag matakot.”

As the film’s credits began to roll, chants rang out from different parts of the theater in support of Kip’s statement: “Makibaka! Huwag Matakot!

Kip was steadfast in his resolve of sharing his truth. In an exclusive interview with MB Entertainment, the Bar Boys director shared that it was the discrediting of Martial Law victims that prompted him to make the film.

Director Kip Oebanda

“People are trying to erase our histories and discredit victims,” Kip said. “I think given that climate, victims should speak out to the best of our abilities.”

Liway’s greatest asset, Kip averred, is that it is the truth.

“I don’t attack any individual in the film. I don’t say one political party is better than another political party, because it is a truthful, real story. That’s what happened. I’m not going to embellish that.”

Glaiza, on the other hand, was emotional as she shared her thoughts on the film.

Sa lahat ng sakripisyo ng paghihirap ng nanay niya sa kanya…” Glaiza began. “Parang sobrang overwhelming lang ‘yung ginagawa ng mga nanay para sa mga anak nila. Love story siya ni Kip sa nanay niya.”

The cast and crew of “Liway,” during the film’s Cinemalaya gala screening. (Banner photo from @liwaycinemalaya)

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