Joanna Ampil is raring to make another local project after awards
The star of ‘Ang Larawan’ admits she is open to doing teleseryes

It’s been a whirlwind year for Joanna Ampil after amassing a number of acting awards for her role as Candida in the musical, Ang Larawan.

Joanna recently won best actress at the 41st Gawad Urian Awards and received the same nod from Gawad Pasado. She was also named the Best New Actress by the Philippine Movie Press Club’s Star Awards, Most Promising Female Star at the 49th Box Office Entertainment Awards and was nominated for best actress at the 66th Famas Awards.

  • Joanna also brought her other awards when she made her appearance at the Gawad Urian.


“I’m thankful to all the award-giving bodies for recognizing our hard work, recognizing Larawan, and my hard work. This is my first movie and they’re nominating me, giving me awards,” says Joanna, who is currently playing Grizabella in the international musical production of Cats.

For One Night Only

The 43-year-old theater performer was so happy for her multiple nominations that she continuously asked the management of Cats to allow her to fly back to Manila—even for one night.

She was eventually granted a reprieve from her daily performances to attend the Gawad Urian Awards, arriving just a few hours before the ceremonies started. “I’m in a happy place. I’m just here to have fun. I wanted to be here for every awards night but you know, it’s just impossible,” shares Joanna. It turned out to be her night after all, as she eventually bagged the best actress trophy.

  • Joanna as Candida in the musical, Ang Larawan (Images from


Still reeling from her successful film debut, Joanna admits to MB Entertainment that she’s now looking forward to her next local project. “This is going to be priority! This is the ultimate goal, to do things here in the Philippines. It would mean so much to me and to my family, too.”

Whether it’s film or television, the globetrotting actress is now opening her door to more opportunities, even if it’s not a musical. “Even better! I accept the challenge!” she exclaims. “Like I said, I would love to do different things and different genres. I’m open to doing teleserye, horror movies, comedy, all sorts! And I think that would be the real test of an artist.”

It’s no secret that Joanna’s initial foray into film, via Ang Larawan, was no bed of roses. But the versatile performer forged on. “It just goes to show that you don’t give up on anything that easily because the hard work really pays off, and no hard work goes unnoticed.”

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