All Out of Love, the Musical: a timely Air Supply tribute

Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock have been working together for more than 40 years and the duo, as Air Supply, has won numerous awards through the years. This time, the pair will receive another remarkable recognition for their artistry, as their songs become the foundation for the original musical All Out of Love.

The cast of All Out of Love, the Musical

“It’s very exciting for us. We’ve been thinking about it for years and it seems like a natural step for our songs and our catalogues so we’re very excited that finally, something’s happening in that area,” tells Graham Russell during the press conference for the musical.

Many Firsts

All Out of Love, “is a modern fairy tale, set in New York in the music business. It’s a love story for all ages, beautifully woven together with the hit songs of Air Supply,” describes Director Darren Yap.

The script, written by award-winning Canadian playwright Jim Millan tells the story of struggling rock star Jamie Crimson and the love of his life Rayne. Leading the cast is Filipino-Australian singer Mig Ayesa as Jamie and Rachel Alejandro playing the role of Rayne. Theater artists Tanya Manalang, Raymund Concepcion, and Jamie Wilson complete the all-Filipino supporting cast.

  • MiG Ayesa
  • Rachel Alejandro
  • Jamie Wilson
  • Tanya Manalang
  • Raymund Concepcion

Surprisingly, the world premiere won’t be in Australia but here, specifically at Resorts World Manila. “Starting here in the Philippines is just a logical place. Everyone here are amazing singers and dancers, great talent. Also, you’re huge Air Supply fans,” explains Naomi Toohey, a producer of the show.

“Even the Nights Are Better,” “Here I Am,” and “I Can Wait Forever” are just a few of their songs which Filipinos know by heart. And through the years, Russell and Graham have been faithfully holding concerts in the country.

“We’ve had a great relationship with the Philippines since 1982,” Russell says, explaining why they chose Manila. “I think that’s the first time we came here. And there are so many brilliant singers in the Philippines. It’s scary!”

All Out of Love, the Musical will run on a limited season starting October 18 at Resorts World Manila.

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