Alyanna Martinez puts her career on hold for Adalynn

Alyanna Martinez with her family

Alyanna, the eldest child of actor Albert Martinez and his late wife Liezl, worked hard to carve her own name in the fashion industry as a stylist. This year, however, the 32-year-old stylist enters a new chapter after giving birth to daughter Adalynn Riley in January.

In an exclusive interview with Manila Bulletin Digital, Alyanna talks about her daughter, missing her mom, and her dad Albert who is now officially a grandpa.

New Journey

Alyanna, who gave birth to Adalynn via a water birth process, shares that it would have been different if her mom Liezl were here to give parenting advice—“About pregnancy, natural birth and especially breastfeeding!” she specifies.

“I knew nothing before I found out that I was pregnant and didn’t have anyone to ask about unmedicated birth,” she admits.

To breach the gap, she patiently did her research. “Now that Adalynn is here, I feel like a pregnancy and childbirth expert. Friends who are pregnant all come to me asking for advice and help trying to achieve natural unmedicated birth as well,” she explains.

  • Alyanna Martinez with Adalynn during her Christening ceremony
  • Albert Martinez with his first 'apo'
  • Alissa and Alyanna Martinez with baby Adalynn
  • Daddy Roy with Adalynn

Growing Family

Alyanna’s dad flew to the US after she gave birth and his first meeting with little Adalynn turned out to be quite funny and special.

Excited to meet his apo for the first time, Alyanna shares that she played a trick on her dad Albert upon his arrival.

“I told him that from the airport he had to go home first, take a shower, wear newly laundered clothes before coming over to my house to meet Adalynn,” tells Alyanna.

But surprise, surprise! Alyanna was already in the airport and as Albert was loading his bags into the trunk of the car, she ran behind him carrying Adalynn.

“I think he was too tired and too shocked to process what happened but he wanted to carry her immediately. Being a self-proclaimed germ-a-phobe, I had him sanitize his hands, wear a medical mask and cover his airport clothes with a swaddle blanket before he could carry her. Better safe than sorry!”

She also adds that his father can’t say “no” when it’s for Adalynn. “I can tell she already has him wrapped around her finger. She actually has us all wrapped around her finger.”

Alyanna openly admits that her pregnancy was not a part of her and husband Roy Macam’s plans immediately upon getting married. But their little angel has changed the course of their lives. “She is now the focus and center of everything.”

Being a first-time mom, the stylist also wants to be completely hands-on and has decided to put her career on hold until Adalynn goes to school.

“My career can wait, but she can’t,” Alyanna says firmly. “Roy and I have been her only caretakers since birth. And we want to keep it that way for as long as possible.”


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